The New Facebook: Deal with it.

Recently, I caught some slack for posting a link on Facebook about a poll I came across on Twitter stating that 94% of users did not like the new Facebook design. I know – a bit recursive, but bear with me. The fact of the matter is that Facebook is merely adapting with the times to keep with the trends of a timeline of information. Checking Facebook throughout the day with the previous design, while a bit better organized, only gave you more of a snapshot of your friend universe. Facebook is making a status update (which they renamed to “What’s on your mind” to be a richer version of “What are you doing?” of course. The newer design gives you more trending and insight into activities and information shared on the site over the past hours or even days. It is easier to integrate media into your status updates as well. Imagine Twitter only giving you the most recent tweet for those you follow. Facebook had no choice but to move with the times. Look at how Amazon has changed its design over the years to adapt to a broader market, recommendation based purchasing opportunities, and a more interactive interface with reviews, etc. Facebook is doing the same thing.

Search the web, you’ll find it’s easier for people to complain than it is to take the time to praise something. When Facebook first migrated to the new design, I did complain a bit too, but after about 30 minutes, I got over it, moved on, and embraced Facebook and my oodles of friends on it. See you out there.

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