September Tweetup on the Green Wrapup

Another successful Lehigh Valley tweetup has come and gone.  It’s always great to meet new people, see others again and just continue to grow together.  I let the event speak for itself with the comradery, laughter, and in this case, the Puttle.

Here’s who came: @mandreano, @timshady, @obsidianspider, @lvrollergirls, @ms_steel, @Chikkisixx, @cwluc, @ssigafoos, @IamKFed, @lizbartolai, @mcall, @mldrabenstott, @matt2397, @lvgirl, @beatab74, @renewlv, @miller1749, @AvueDesigns, @LVScene, @LVHN, @DMBrennan, @PamelaMaurer, @PMADesigns, @J_Makua_Kane, @VeronicaG, @HosfeldInsuranc, @CElston, @IAmTheGreek, @TakeATaco, @Eric_Chase, @Mr_Puttle, @LovelyBlue27

A bunch of folks didn’t sign in, if I missed you, let me know…

…and as always – thanks to our sponsors: @mandreano, @thebrewworks, @celston, @danscameracity, @dancefusion1, @lvrollergirls, @mr_puttle, @renewlv, @mldrabenstott, @pmadesigns

Our golf ball giveaway

Our golf ball giveaway

@cwluc talking to @iAmTheGreek & @AvueDesigns & @timshady

@cwluc talking to @iAmTheGreek & @AvueDesigns & @timshady

@mandreano (me) holding up a Follow me to @LVTweetup golf ball.

@mandreano (me) holding up a "Follow me to @LVTweetup" golf ball.

@PamelaMaurer and @DMBrennan at the @LVTweetup (photo taken by @TimShady)

@PamelaMaurer and @DMBrennan at the @LVTweetup (photo taken by @TimShady)


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