Social Media for Good

Now that the Lehigh Valley Tweetup has turned 2, it is pretty clear how significant of an innovation social media has become, especially with community, and with charity. We can reach more people and faster than ever before. With this, we have decided to really put it to the test and raise money for Leukemia this summer. Please join us and be part of TEAM TWEETUP (@teamtweetup on Twitter). You don”t need to even be on Twitter to be part of this successful campaign.  Just spread the word the best way you know how – however it best fits!

Visit our campaign website for a list of events that fully support this charity initiative. There are plenty of events and something for everyone. You can also donate directly via the web as well.

One small business who stepped up to the plate is Kneading Hands Massage. Owner Tom Florio is offering a one hour massage at either their Bethlehem or Macungie offices for just $60, which is a $5 discount off his regular price. For each certificate purchased, he is donating $20 of that back to the Leukemia Society. If you would like a massage, help yourself and help a great cause in the meantime.

Thanks again Tom!

Click BUY NOW below and I will mail the certificate to you.  You can use PayPal or major credit card (see bottom right for “Don”t Have a PayPal Account?” to enter your credit card information 100% secure.


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