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About us:

The Bees Buzz is the official website of Be The Bee, LLC.  We provide social media coaching and consulting services for entrepreneurs with small to medium sized businesses to teach and show them how to successfully market their brand to their warm market and adjacent relationships.

Our services revolve around using today’s hottest and most popular technologies including Facebook, Twitter, Blogging with WordPress, and Email Marketing, as well as integrating video and audio (i.e. podcasts) in an easy and effective manner.

We are located in the heart of Lehigh Valley in Easton, PA but cover a broad area ranging from just west of Allentown, PA all the way to Central and Northern New Jersey.

Contact us today:

  • Via email: info -at- theBeesBuzz.com
  • Via phone: (610) 628-1071 in Pennsylvania, (908) 581-3752 in NJ       

About Michael

Michael is a 15+ year professional with experience in Information Technology ranging from programming and web design to information security.  With the recent grown of social media, Michael finds himself in the heart of it working with several business coaching and close-contact networking companies in the Lehigh Valley regularly.  He is most recently known for starting a series of local Twitter meetups, formally known as “Tweetups” in the Valley bringing together local business owners, entreprenuers, bloggers, media, techies and more. Find him on Twitter at @mandreano and his Tweetups at @lvtweetup.
With a Bachelor of Science from Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) and a Masters of Science in Technology Management from Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA), his education coupled with his core genius of simplifying and explaining practical business value of leveraging technology gives his audiences ideas and concepts they can understand, take back with them, and get started with immediately.  His seminars and coaching will help you focus on effectivley intermingling your business brand and online presence with your warm contacts and online social networks.  He’ll show you how to be productive with your time and use of technology, and make sure you’re having fun while doing so.

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