Be the Bee’s Radio Show Going ’round the World!

We have been doing our BlogTalkRadio show for the past 6 months with growing success.  This week is going to be no different and we have the guests and topics to back it up.  The latest Internet craze has been for celebrities to call you out and “make you famous”.

In the last few weeks, we have seen some people’s lives changed, possibly forever, thanks to the Internet.

It all started with the most talked about late-night talk show politics ever when Conan O’Brien was given an early exit from NBC’s Tonight Show. So what does he do with his spare time now? He starts a twitter account that blows up with over a half million followers in just days.

How does he pay it forward? He decides to follow ONE LUCKY PERSON! Enter Sarah Killen. She went from an everyday person to one of the most talked about people to date in 2010. She was set to appear on Larry King and Good Morning America.. and now.. THIS THURSDAY – be a part of history as Sarah Killian calls in to TWEEPS TALK TECH.

But wait, there is more… since it’s the thing to do, This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte followed suit.  Kevin Rose, the founder of did a a random search for “I Hate Technology” on Twitter… Who tweeted it and was selected? Enter Lisa Etheridge. She got an iPad for FREE (and 23,000 followers to boot). Guess what – SHE WILL BE LIVE THIS THURSDAY TOO!! This is the first show to have both overnight sensations on the same show together.

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The show can be heard LIVE Thursday March 18 at 9PM Eastern at

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