October @LVTweetup Wrapup – Tweeps Flood Easton!

I thought I was taking a chance by having a Tweetup in Easton at Pearly Bakers.  After all, a lot of people come from the Allentown area and even further west and north.  However, nearly 40 people came out, risking being within a stone’s throw of New Jersey and the event was a HUGE success.  Thanks to @Doug_Mackie from UUU for helping us coordinate the same night he played to keep the party going past 9PM!!

We also now have a LVTweetup Flickr group, thanks to Todd (a.k.a. @obsidianspider).  I attached a couple from October below.

Here’s the coveted attendance list!! (As always, let me know if I missed someone!)

@mandreano, @lvtweetup, @dmbrennan, @lovelyblue27, @timshady, @donaldfladjr, @souldoll, @msarro, @lvrunners, @stateofplace, @obsidianspider, @robochristine, @lvgirl, @glennard, @theelvee@ssigafoos, @ejvictor, @cafe_society, @MOB514, @beatab74, @valleywidetravl, @valleywideshoes, @koufie, @tammyhuk, @thuk18045, @primerx24, @lifegrdsten, @d_murda, @themoneydome, @galliguez, @miller1749, @renewlv, @IamTheGreek, @hibecki, @blackforestdeli, @AVUEDesigns, @andredwilliams, @celston, @jimmyrocks, @doug_mackie, @jeffbernardino, @referralweb, @skincareguy

This list is also available at:  http://tweepml.org/October-2009-LVTweetup-attendees/ This site is great for quickly adding people to follow… Try it out!!

Upcoming Dates:

NOVEMBER Tweetup – 11/12/09 – Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant, Orefield, PA, 7-9PM

DECEMBER Tweetup – 12/3/09 – Bethlehem Brew Works Steelgaarden, Bethlehem, PA 7-9PM – HOLIDAY EDITION!! SPECIAL GIVEAWAY TOO!!  STAY TUNED!!