Don’t Tell Me How to Twitter

Having missed our flight to Barcelona, I got to watch one more day of American television this morning.  In the later part of the Today Show, they had someone on to talk about “How to Twitter”.  I had to laugh at it, because I don’t think there is really one single way “How to Twitter”.  I think it’s more of “How do you want to Twitter” and “What to you want to get from Twitter”.  Do people really care what you are doing?  If so, great, write about being “at the beach”, “out to dinner”, or “going to Starbucks”.  Most people get the fact that you are your own newschannel on Twitter and you can do much more than state what you are doing on it.  Most people use it to network, promote services or a product, demonstrate expertise, drive traffic to a blog, newsletter, or review.  Maybe you got here via Twitter to read this.  If so, great! It’s working!  🙂

I don’t like how the media does a segment on “How to Twitter” and then just talk about following Barrack Obama or Ashton Kutcher.  It’s more than that.  More and more, I find myself using it to network and connect throughout the Lehigh Valley where I live.  I learn of events, businesses, and find other folks with common interests or concerns.  I like to use it to tell people what I like and don’t like, and usually throw a link in along the way so they can see for themselves.  Using it to market services and products is great, as long as you don’t overdue it and give back to the community by networking, adding value to others, and making it not only a productive use of your time, but also for your followers trying to find out more about you and what you bring to the table.

Feel free to comment and tell me some of your more common or favorite uses of Twitter.  Let’s show it’s for more than just following celebrities.  After all, it is the voice of the everyday person! (in my humble opinion)